About my journey with Kayla Itsines BBG!

Hi guys! My name is Effe Kokonios and I am 17 years old! I follow Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. I have been following the guides  (both Bikini Body Training Guide and H.E.L.P Nutrition Guide) since October 2014. Before starting the guides, i had the worst nutrition and thought I was ‘healthy’. I would go to the gym regularly but did not do any major workouts/exercise and after i would eat like crap again because i thought i deserved it. This was an unhealthy cycle. I had the worst self confidence and self appearance. I hated the way I looked and would stand in front of the mirror for so long everyday just criticizing my body. I would obsess over other girls bodies and then be sad because mine didn’t look like theirs. That is when  I said enough is enough and decided to start the guides. I had been following Kayla on Instagram for a few months but never actually had the courage (or money :P) to buy them.

Even when i started the guides, i did not take them very seriously. I thought if i do the workouts then i would magically get a six pack in 12 weeks.My nutrition was still not good. I restarted the guides twice before i finally stuck with them at the beginning of The Kayla Movement in January. My nutrition at the beginning was still not where i wanted it to be (although much much better than when i first started)  but slowly i progressed and got to where I am today!

I went through a point of eating the same things everyday and restricting myself from so much (even healthy foods)  because i thought it would get me ‘abs’ but this did not make me happy, it actually just added stress.  After a lot of self love and work  my nutrition is now  the BEST  its ever been  and i am the strongest I’ve been in my life!!!!! I am now on week 23 of the guides (BBG 1.0 Week 11, Round 2)! I should be further  but have had to redo some weeks due to injuries and holidays.i LOVE BBG! I feel so BALANCED and HAPPY now with my body on the inside and out.I no longer feel guilty after eating something not so healthy or if i don’t workout one day. I feel the most balanced in my life I’ve ever been with food and exercise and it feels so good!!!  A BIG THANK YOU TO KAYLA ITSINES!

For those of you wondering whether or not to do the BBG  i want to give you a little tip; you get out what you put in , if you put your all 100% in you will get 100% out!  Also if their was only one tip i could give you it would be, NUTRITION IS EVERYTHING. You can be working you butt off and killing the workouts but if your nutrition is not right, then all your hardwork will be for nothing. It took me so long to realize this but now that I know, it has made all the difference!

I can’t thank Kayla enough for changing my life and opening my eyes to the truth about fitness and nutrition. Not only am i now physically healthy but i am also mentally healthy. I love my body and all its flaws. I look at the world from a whole new perspective and I make the most out of the time I am given! I have dreams and then plan them out into goals that I strive to achieve.

This was my first post so i would love to hear feedback on how it was and any questions you might have! Also if their are any topics you would like  me to discuss in the next post.

-Effe (: