4 Reasons To Drink More Water!

I know you have all heard how you should drink more water, but do you know some of the few reasons as to why you should?

Improves Brain Function

 Our body is made up of over 70% of water and every function in the body is dependent on water. Lack of water in the body means that the brain also does not have access to enough water to function properly. Dehydration has shrinkage of brain tissue, so when we haven’t been drinking enough water, our brain work a lot harder to perform at the same level!  When fully hydrated, you are able to think faster and be more focused throughout the day. The average adult loses over 80 ounces of water per day, so if you are drinking less than 80 ounces, dehydration will start to kick in and brain function is affected.

Can Aid In Weight Loss 

Have you recently embarked on a fitness journey or just want to lose a little bit of weight? Drinking enough water can help you with this! Paired with enough exercise and a good healthy nutritious diet, water plays a big role in weight loss/fat burn. Water can help us to feel fuller and keep us from eating too much. It also helps to boost your metabolism which will digest foods faster and burn more energy!

Protects Joints/Cartilidge

For those of us who do a lot of exercise/have a lot of joint pains or in general for everyone, drinking enough water can help to protect our joints by keeping them hydrated and supple. This keeps them lubricated and prevents them from getting stiff and tight.

Improves Mood/Energizes Us

Drinking enough water throughout the day has been shown to improve your mood! Even mild dehydration can have a negative impact on our mood, drinking enough water throughout the day has been shown to improve your state of mind by making us feel refreshed!  Also one of the first signs of dehydration is tiredness so drinking a glass of water could help to wake you back up!

I hope this post helps to inform you about some of the few reasons as to why it is important to drink enough water throughout the day! If you have any more tips, please comment below! 🙂 Also to anyone reading this, I challenge you all to stop, drop and chug a glass of water for 10 seconds straight, comment below when done! 😉


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